Monday, March 16, 2009

Radio report #2: Karsh Capturing Hands

The Art Institute of Chicago is exhibiting photographer Yousuf Karsh’s works from January 22nd through April 26th. One hundred and three black and white photographs are featured in the exhibit, “Regarding Heroes.”

Karsh’s compassion for his subjects coupled with his unusual technique and traditional training contributed to making his sixty-year career, one of the most influential in the photography

Former Art Curator, David Travis said that after Karsh photographed
Helen Keller, he became enamored with photographing subjects with
their eyes closed because it made him concentrate on other facial
features, which were often unnoticed. He also preferred capturing his
subjects using their hands, which is why some people are smoking.
Karsh captures the essence of boxer Muhammad Ali’s power with his
hands sternly placed on his hips.

Karsh said that Quote: My quest in making a photograph is for a
quality that I know exists in the personality before me, for what I
sometimes call the inward power. End quote.

David Travis will be giving a lecture on Yousuf Karsh on Saturday
April 4th.

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I’m Jennifer Sullivan reporting for DePaul Radio

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